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Custom Tailored Clothing for Women

- Finally, you can have clothes exactly the way you want them. womenskirt_1.jpg

Select your own style, color, fabric and designs.

No Compromises:
You'll never have to settle for just good enough.

Perfect Fit:
Each item is custom made to your specific measurements. Perfect fit ensures a beautiful drape and the ultimate in comfort.

Shop in your own home or office or come to our office at a time most convenient for you. No more wasted time running from store to store looking for what you want.

Personal Clothier:
You receive expert consultation on the styles and colors that are best suited to your coloring, preferences and lifestyle.

Comparable price:
Enjoy the benefits of custom tailoring at comparable prices to brand names in retail department stores.

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Have a great garment already that you wish you had in a different color or fabric? Check out our Perfect Copy website.

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